Example Terms.*

We can only provide onsite service in southeast Missouri, within ~30 miles of Cape Girardeau and Jackson. At this time, we are not able to provide onsite service in Illinois, but we may be able to in the future for a large enough project. We can also manage Cloud services nationwide, and provide remote support via remote desktop and VPN solutions when available.

We offer one (1) hour of free consulting time each month, for up to three concurrent months. Additional hours per month are billed at the negotiated contracted rate.

Our rates are based on a sliding hourly scale from $50-$100 during normal business hours. Overtime and weekend hours are 50% more, and holidays are 100% more. There is a one (1) hour minimum for each incident/visit.

We contract month-to-month, with a 30-day notice for cancellations. Longer-term contracts are available, but only if requested by you and approved by us. There is a one-hour minimum per month. General contracts only guarantee rates, and not availability.

We offer retainer agreements that guarantee priority service and a specific number of pre-paid hours each month. We offer up to a 50% discount for hours covered by a retainer agreement. Retainer hours are non-refundable and do not roll over into the next month.

We are not a reseller. We won’t push you to buy from us at a markup. We do occasionally have salvaged or refurbished equipment and peripherals for sale; otherwise, if you need hardware or services, we will suggest what and where to buy.† We can install and configure almost anything IT or AV -related.

Mileage charges are negotiated as part of a contract. We generally charge $0.50/mile or the IRS-specified maximum. Mileage is not charged for free consulting hours (defined above).

Please contact us if you have any questions:
573-313-0867 or

* These exhibit/sample terms do not constitute any kind of an agreement. Every situation and budget is different, and we are happy to negotiate variations of these terms as part of a contract.

Links we send for online retailers like Amazon.com may be affiliate links that give us a tiny percentage of the cost of your order, with NO markup to your purchase cost. We respect your privacy and can’t track what you buy on Amazon! Affiliate payments help cover our Web hosting and general office supply costs. You are never obligated to buy using our suggestions and can purchase whatever fits your budget from any mainstream manufacturer and vendor.
Note that some “white box” or “no-name” produts may not have a warranty or all of the functionality required for your project. Please ask befoe ordering products directly from China or Korea, for example. Doing so may cause unnecessary delays and charges. Likewise beware of buying used equipment.